Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Pillar of Fire  (Georges Méliès) // PFA (35mm)
The Devil in a Convent (Georges Méliès) // DVD
An Up-To-Date Conjuror (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Biter Bit (Bamforth Films) // DVD
Cinderella (Georges Méliès) // DVD
L'Affaire Dreyfus (Georges Méliès) // DVD
A Mysterious Portrait (Georges Méliès) // DVD
A Wringing Good Joke (James H. White) // DVD
A Kiss in the Tunnel (Bamforth Films) // DVD
Summoning the Spirits (Georges Méliès) // DVD
A Mysterious Knight (Georges Méliès) // DVD
A Kiss in the Tunnel (G. A. Smith) // DVD
Gold Rush Scenes in the Klondike (Robert K. Bonine & Thomas Crahan) // DVD

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Divers At Work On the Wreck of the 'Maine' (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Panorama From Top of Moving Train (Georges Méliès) // Castro (digital)
The Astronomer's Dream (Georges Méliès) // Public Works (digital)
Four Troublesome Heads (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Miller and the Sweep (G.A. Smith) // DVD
The Famous Box Trick (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Temptation of St. Anthony (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Magician (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Adventures of William Tell (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Le Coupeur de Têtes (Charles Pathé) // Castro (35mm)
Pack Train on Chilkoot Pass // VHS
Come Along Do! (R.W. Paul) // DVD
U.S. Troops Landing at Daiquiri, Cuba (William Paley) // DVD
Troop Ships for the Philippines (James White & Fred Blechynden) // DVD
The Burglar on the Roof (J. Stuart Blackton & Albert E. Smith) // DVD
Shooting Captured Insurgents (James White & William Heise) // DVD


Leaving Jerusalem By Railway (Alexander Promio) // DVD
On the Roof (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Surrender of Tournavos (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Return of Lifeboat (James White) // DVD
Sea Fighting In Greece (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Between Calais And Dover (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Niagara Falls (Louis Lumière) // DVD
After the Ball (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Mr. Edison at Work in His Chemical Laboratory (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Arrival Of A Train (Gaumont) // DVD
Chrissie Sheridan Serpentine Dance (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Annabelle Serpentine Dance #4 (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Chicago Police Parade (Alexander Promio) // VHS
The Bewitched Inn (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Last Cartridges (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Seminary Girls (James White) // VHS
The Haunted Castle / Le Château hanté (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Pie Eating Contest (William K.L. Dickson) // PFA (digital)
Fifth Avenue, New York (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Admiral Cigarette (William Heise) // DVD
Dewars Scotch Whisky (International Film Manufacturing Co.) // DVD


Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat / L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat (Louis Lumière) Jan. (wik, imdb) // PFA (digital)
A Nightmare (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Turn-of-the-Century Barber / Le barbier fin de siècle (Pathé Frères) // Castro (35mm)
Rough Seas At Dover (Birt Acres) // DVD
The Devil's Manor / Le Manoir du diable (perhaps 1897) (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Snowball Fight (Louis Lumière) // PFA (digital)
Demolition of a Wall (Louis Lumière) // PFA (digital)
Danse Serpentine (Louis Lumière) // Balboa (digital)
The Vanishing Lady / L'Escamotage d'une dame chez Robert-Houdin (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Lion, London Zoological Garden (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
Post No Bills (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The John C. Rice-May Irwin Kiss (William Heise) // PFA (digital)
Quarreling Infants (Louis Lumière) 6-28 Finland (imdb) // PFA (digital)
A Fire Run (Lyons) (Louis Lumière) // PFA (digital)
Rip Van Winkle (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Black Diamond Express, no. 1 (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Serpentine Dance by Annabelle (W.K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Children Digging For Clams (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
Dragoons Crossing the Sâone (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
Promenade of Ostriches, Paris Botanical Gardens (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
Exiting the Factory (Louis Lumière) // DVD
A Terrible Night (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Shooting the Chutes (William Heise & James White) // DVD
New York: Broadway at Union Square (Alexandre Promio) // PFA (digital)
The Derby (R.W. Paul) // DVD
Fatima, Muscle Dancer (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Watermelon Eating Contest (William Heise & James White) // DVD
American Falls From Above, American Side (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Inventor Edison Sketched By World Artist (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Loading A Boiler (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
the Burning Stable (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Mounted Police Charge (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Going to the Fire (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Carmaux: Drawing out the Coke (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
A Morning Alarm (William Heise & James White) // DVD
the Lone Fisherman (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Arab Cortege, Geneva (Louis Lumière) // VHS
the First Sleigh Ride (William Heise & James White) // DVD
The Morning Alarm (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Feeding the Doves (William Heise & James White) // VHS
Interrupted Lovers (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Ann Muller (William Heise) // DVD
Mess Call (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Poultry-Yard (Louis Lumière & August Lumière) // VHS
Feeding the Doves (William Heise & James White) // VHS
Card Game (Louis Lumière) // PFA (digital)
Card Party (Georges Méliès) // DVD
A Morning Bath (William Heise & James White) // DVD

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Feeding the Baby / Le Repas de Bébé (Louis Lumière) 12-28 (wik, imdb) // PFA (digital)
The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Annabelle Serpentine Dance (William K.L. Dickson & William Heise) // DVD
The Sprinkler Sprinkled / L'Arroseur Arrosé (Louis Lumière) 6-10 (wik) 12-27 (imdb) // PFA (digital)
Workers Leaving The Lumière Factory (Louis Lumière) 3-22 (imdb) 12-28 (wik) // PFA (digital)
Boat Leaving the Port (Louis Lumière) // DVD
The Photographical Congress Arrives in Lyon (Louis Lumière) 12-28 (wik) // DVD
The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (Alfred Clark) 8-28 (wik) // DVD
Transformation By Hats (Louis Lumière) // DVD
Princess Ali (William Heise) // DVD
Billy Edwards and the Unknown (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD