Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Leaving Jerusalem By Railway (Alexander Promio) // DVD
On the Roof (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Surrender of Tournavos (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Return of Lifeboat (James White) // DVD
Sea Fighting In Greece (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Between Calais And Dover (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Niagara Falls (Louis Lumière) // DVD
After the Ball (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Mr. Edison at Work in His Chemical Laboratory (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Arrival Of A Train (Gaumont) // DVD
Chrissie Sheridan Serpentine Dance (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Annabelle Serpentine Dance #4 (William K.L. Dickson) // DVD
Chicago Police Parade (Alexander Promio) // VHS
The Bewitched Inn (Georges Méliès) // DVD
The Last Cartridges (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Seminary Girls (James White) // VHS
The Haunted Castle / Le Château hanté (Georges Méliès) // DVD
Pie Eating Contest (William K.L. Dickson) // PFA (digital)
Fifth Avenue, New York (William Heise & James White) // DVD
Admiral Cigarette (William Heise) // DVD
Dewars Scotch Whisky (International Film Manufacturing Co.) // DVD

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